Due to the above, A.C.I. have adapted it's process to include an additional service identifying potential overcharges, and being involved in the claim prior to Authorisation for repairs, to ensure fair and reasonable quoting has been conformed to. For more information on this, please call us directly.

In addition to the above, A.C.I. has also included a "Part Sourcing" service, on vehicle's out of warranty, as at times, repairer's don't quote on alternate / second hand parts due to time constraints, and assessor's allow OEM parts, thereby raising the Cost of Claim.

A.C.I. has also included Partfinders.co.za to assist in the part sourcing / salvage parts on each claim.

Salvage parts on any accident damaged vehicle is deemed to belong to the applicable insurer, and through Partfinders.co.za, we collect the salvage parts for possible use on future claims, or to sell back to the Trade, as at times, parts quoted for replace can in fact be repaired. This also helps monitor the repair process, as when a salvage part is not received by Partfinders.co.za, we are immediately notified and scrutinize applicable part/s when auditing the Final Costing, and implement necessary amendments.

A.C.I. offers a wide service, not only auditing post repairs, but also ensuring claims pre-authorisation is fair and reasonable, and have had success in this venture. Along with this, we also confirm if any Non Standard parts on a vehicle is in fact specified and the client is paying a premium for these, if quoted for due to accident damage.

    Services offered by A.C.I. Include:

  • Final Repair Calculation audits;
  • Check Work In Progress reports submitted by repairer after assessor authorisation to ensure additional charges are fair and reasonable;
  • Part Sourcing on Out of Warranty Vehicles;
  • Collection of Salvage Parts after repairs have been authorised;
  • Full Pre-Authorisation claim check to ensure the quote conforms to the policy schedule.

partfinders.png now offer its website as a FREE platform for Parts Suppliers to offer their parts to the Insurance Industry

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About - Auto Claims Investigations Pty(Ltd)

A.C.I. was established in 2005, initially auditing Final Repair Costings, and to date have audited in excess of 70 000 motor vehicle claims. We have been successful in saving millions for Insurers, due to our process, which can be measured by the insurer in terms of Average Repair Cost reduction / Cost of Claim ratio.

In Recent times, a reduction in savings have been noticed, due to repairer's now conforming, and understanding the auditing process, thereby ensuring their supplier invoices are valid. However, a shift in repairer "Extras" have also been identified by A.C.I., in regards to Labour and Paint which cannot be audited, and is usually agreed to by the assessor appointed on the claim.


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